Still Laughing

My unusual name comes from a nomadic pride of lions that raised me from birth until I was old enough to get smashed to bits on a rugby pitch. I then decided to go sailing.

I am male and do not wear any headgear, unless it is very sunny.

Educated at a public school and a university that you will have never heard of, I managed to stay in touch with reality long enough to pass a marketing degree. After several years in the property industry. I helped run the family dry cleaning business. After 25 years as a dry cleaner, the natural and obvious progression was maritime journalism. I started writing about the sea for fun and I am still laughing now.

Meeting thousands of people over a shop counter, that are prepared to tell you their life story, is a true education in communication.

In between missions, I reside in the village of Hamble spending time with my two sons, who have absolutely no interest in sailing whatsoever.